What a Top Day!!

seven stars reopens:  Picture: Ric MellisHappy, smiling faces…kids and dogs in abundance…we’ve got our pub back!!!

Matt opened the doors at 10 a.m. on Saturday and everyone rolled in…and I think its fair to say, one or two rolled out again later in the evening!! I can personally attest to the reviving qualities of one or two of the best Bloody Mary’s I have had!!

A wonderful speech by our Chair, Liz Jones (we have to get her a bigger stool to stand on – only joking Liz!!)…the ribbon, held by 2 members of the “grey beards”, Dave and John…the scissors handed over by another of the “grey beards”, Laurence, was cut by James and Rafe accompanied by Dad, David Harding…and the Pub was open!! And who will ever forget Iris Wrights magnificent cake? A momentous occasion!!seven stars reopens:  Picture: Ric Mellis

A word for the Staff

Its well worth giving all of the staff a quick pat on the back.

Led by Matt, they all coped fantastically well. With an incredibly crowded pub and a new till system, they still managed to serve everyone and turn out top quality food… it was an awesome effort.seven stars reopens:  Picture: Ric Mellis

Back to the Bloody Mary’s… I think they may be very popular!! I did notice that we managed to drink the pub out of tomato juice within the first hour and Barry, Matts Dad, was sent out on a mercy mission to stock up on supplies!!

Saturday night was even better…51 covers in for dinner…many more than has ever been managed before; It was a fantastic testament to Alan, the Chef and his kitchen brigade.

Let there be many more occasions like it in the coming months and years!!


Many people were taking pictures…including Andreas, our “ace” village photographer! We are trying to pull a book together that will document the process of getting the pub open so keep an eye out for that over the next couple of months.

Ric Mellis, a freelance photographer, who took the pictures that appeared in the Oxford Mail, was also on hand and I have provided a link to his pictures below.

Click here for Ric’s picures

The Future

seven stars reopens:  Picture: Ric MellisSo the pub is open, but it doesn’t survive without our patronage. As Liz said , everyone in the village has made a fantastic contribution in coming together to ensure we retain the “pub as the hub”… it now needs us all to use it, and frequently!!

Matt has lots of ideas and plans and is only too happy to talk to all of you about thoughts that you may have for future events… there is a Comments book just inside the front door for you to provide your feedback and ideas.

Email addresses

And finally a quick reminder… I will be passing all of the email addresses on this list over to Matt at the end of the week so that he can keep you all up to date with happenings in the pub.

If you don’t want me to do that then please scroll to the bottom of the list and “unsubscribe”.

Thanks to you all for your support over the last 4 months – see you in the Stars for a pint very soon!!


  1. Congratulations and best wishes from the shareholders in Hillesley Community Pub Company Limited, proud (community) owners of The Fleece In, Hillesley, Glos. We purchased last June and opened last July, and know how much work is involved – and how great the rewards are! Well done to all of you and good luck for the future. Lance

  2. Thanks Lance…your support is much appreciated…

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